General Check-Up

  • Tire pressure
  • Clean and inspect electrical connections
  • Clean and treat battery contacts and connections
  • Check electrolyte level and water as necessary
  • Adjust and check brakes for safe operation
  • Clean, inspect, and lubricate all moving parts
  • Load test all batteries for optimal performance

Winter Cart Care Package

  • Includes all three services
  • Storage (Nov.-May 1st)
  • Free pick-up and delivery
  • After May 1st $20.00 per month

Annual Service

  • General check-up plus
  • Check and rotate tire to insure even wear
  • Inspect and correct front wheel alignment
  • Repack front end bearings
  • Grease front suspension fittings
  • Check brakes and clean brake shoes
  • Check and fill transaxle fluid

Cart Detailing

  • High pressure wash
  • Wash body
  • Clean and condition seats
  • Wax body
  • Buff-out scuffs